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Mazzer Robur / Kold ZIRCONIUM-NITRIDE Single Phase 71mm Conical Espresso Grinder Burrs - 186C

Grinding blade 186C-ZRN

4 times harder than the original steel, give you ultra long life burrs with 1/10 coefficient of friction which keep your ground cool, better flavours, aroma and higher extraction!  

Mazzer Robur / Kold Single Phase original Ø 71 mm conical grinding steel blade
Made in Italy, coating in South Korea

Microhardness HV 0.05: 3,300 (Steel 800HV)
Coefficient of friction against steel 100Cr6: 0.1
Layer thickness : 2 – 4 µm
Maximum application temperature: 800° C / 1470 ° F
Color: Shinny Gold
General characteristic: High hardness, high oxidation stability, low heat conduction coefficient
Preferred applications: Processing of hardened steel; high-performance process, lubricated (KSS), semi-dry (MMS) or dry processing; Cutting operations under in-service conditions, where other layers reach the limit of the thermal and mechanical stability

Mazzer Robur Single Phase
Mazzer Kold Single Phase