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SCA - Brewing (Professional)


The study of Brewing tests the ability of the professional brewer to navigate the Brewing Control Chart. This course is intended to extend the practical and sensory brewing capabilities of the professional brewer.

Professional Brewing Module relies on the AST sourcing a coffee that will demonstrate the learning objective of all practical exercises. Not all specialty coffee roast profiles make achieving targets easy, especially the 24% target in 2.0 Extraction exercises and the Practical Exam. It is the responsibility of the AST to source a calibration coffee capable of achieving the targets required; not adjusting the targets to suit the coffee! 

Students must have a certification in Brewing Intermediate and Barista Intermediate is recommended.

Language:  Cantonese or English
Course material:  English
Course Length:  ~ 20 hours (including exams)

* Course fee includes Exam & Certificates fee
** Date and time can be arranged for groups of 8 or above.
Please email to for more information.