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SCA Roasting (Intermediate)


Roasting gives you an understanding of the roasting process, including the roast cycle and how to control sensory aspects of the coffee by roasting light or dark. In addition, this module covers roast defects, the physical changes that beans undergo during the roasting process, as well as workspace management and lean production.

Intermediate will provide a more detailed understanding of the roasting process and the different kinds of heat transfer at work.

This course is designed to test key core and more advanced skills and understanding, expected from a competent Barista (For example, from someone working as a Barista for 6 months or more).  Successful candidates should be able to dial in a brew recipe, make a full range of drinks with quality and speed, as well as understand the basic requirements for customer service and maintenance.  

Roasting Foundation, Sensory Foundation and Green Coffee Foundation are recommended pre-requisite modules. All knowledge and skill from these modules will be assumed as being held and may be tested through the practical and written assessments.

This is one of the Coffee Diploma System Intermediate modules, 10 credits will be awarded after completion.

Language: Cantonese or English 
Course material: English
Course Length: ~ 21 hours / 2 days (including exams)

* Course fee includes Exam & Certificates fee
** Date and time can be arranged for groups of 8 or above.
Please email to for more information.