Cropster Roast

Every aspect that matters in coffee roasting.

Roast consistent results, organize your roastery and better understand your coffee quality.

Roast consistent quality, manage the roastery.

Cropster Roast is the smartest roast profiling software (Roasting Intelligence) combined with a web platform helping you roast consistent results, efficiently organize your roastery and better understand your coffee quality.

Easy, clean, complete roast profiling

Get all key roast values at highest accuracy
Integrate with inventory, QC, roast analysis
Hands on roasting - Cropster keeps the notes

    Focus on the roasting process. Cropster's Roasting Intelligence (RI) is your eyes and ears in the drum. Track and visualize four temperatures, Rate-of-Rise (RoR), gas, rotations, speeds and pressures for accurate real-time roasting assistance. Reference curves and timers guide you through the process to produce consistent results. Schedule roasts while Cropster keeps your inventory up-to-date. All the roasts sync to your account where you can dig in and analyze details.

    Discover ideal roast profiles

    Compare roast curves and events
    Discover correlations of roast parameters
    Make the perfect roast

      Perfecting roast profiles goes beyond roast logging. Compare roasts in detail and see how roast times, temperatures and other parameters link with quality characteristics. Minimize deficiencies, maximize consistency and improve your roast profile with every batch.

      Manage green coffee. Hands free.

      Keep inventory updated with every roast
      Manage samples/lots in multiple warehouses
      Plan green buying based on history

        Let green coffee management be your friend, not your enemy. Cropster adjusts your green inventory with each roast – even for blends. Handle samples and lots in and between warehouses and keep track of them by weight, origin, grades, quality and more. The inventory report shows stock levels at a glance. Based on transaction history Cropster preemptively identifies and shows you when each coffee will run out. No spreadsheets needed!

        Stay on top of production.

        Frame roast profiles via Roast Ranger
        Schedule roasts for multiple days
        Run production reports with just one click

        Cropster allows you to schedule production, track your output and create handy production reports.  Schedule by profile (also pre-roast blends), machine, worker, weights and # of batches to get more out of your roasting day. Set parameters for roast profiles with Roast Ranger to consistently meet production goals. Filter by roast output per profile, green coffee, worker, machine, location, certification and more. 

        Understand the quality you produce

        Get Roast Ranger alerts on roast flaws 
        Cropster Cup App
        Schedule blind cupping sessions

        Choose from custom cupping sheets and cup coffees efficiently with Cropster Cup. Schedule blind cupping sessions, invite cuppers and print sample labels to organize the day in the lab quick and easy. Consistent quality with less effort: Cropster’s Roast Ranger automatically checks if your roasts meet predefined ranges of Rate of Rise, development time, temps and more. It alerts you directly after each batch about missed goals and roast consistency.



        Setup and integration made easy

        Connect any drum or sample roaster
        Giesen & Loring machines plug & play ready
        Connect lab hardware like ColorTrack
        Integrate your ERP via our API


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