If you are considering opening a coffee shop or would like to improve your current one, you may consult with our Coffee Camps wholesales team. We are capable from providing green and roastes beans, educating baristas and to run a functional coffee shop. We understand your passion in coffee, but running a coffee shop may not be your specialty. We can provide you with the following service to ensure your coffee shop run smoothly:


  • Develop a Concept of your shop
  • Layout of your coffee shop
  • Investment in equipment and machinery
  • Barista Training
  • Develop work flow and operation management
  • Fresh Roast beans provision and custom tailor make Coffee house blends
  • Raise Standards of coffee and quality control
  • Technical service and support


Our wholesales team is established and experience in specialty coffee and hospitality. Many of us are also SCAE qualify and competition champions, and our goal are here to aid and support you in any way possible. For more information please email us at wholesale@coffeecamps.com , or contact us directly!